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Get audible warnings when reversing too close to a wall, post, child, object, parked car, in fact any reasonably sized obstacle.

Audible Warning
  • At approx' 1.5 metre the buzzer sounds slowly
  • At 0.75 metre the buzzer sounds faster
  • At approx' 0.50 metre the buzzer sounds constantly, so stop !

  • Automatically switch on when reverse gear selected
  • 4 bumper mounted sensors
  • 25mm detachable heads for easy service or vehicle repair
  • Control module - 2 wire installation
  • Warning buzzer
  • Bumper hole cutting tool
  • Finished in black but can be painted to match your vehicle

Note: Reversing sensors are a driving aid and the usual driving precautions should be taken whilst reversing. Sensors may not detect all possible objects/obstructions. Distances are approximate.


mrs4d2 121x53MPR-D: This is a distance display unit that shows the distance to objects detected. It also contains the audible beeper. This unit replaces the standard audible beeper unit. Dash mounted / windscreen LCD distance display.

buzzer 124x64MPR-B: This optional unit contains an on/off switch so you can choose when you want the sensors to operate. Especially handy if these sensors are used on the front of a vehicle as the sensors can be turned off. They also contain a flashing display that changes the flash rate depending on the distance to a detected object. This unit replaces the standard audible beeper unit.