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・Compact Slim-Line Enclosure
・ 25cm / 10” Slim-Line 1000W Subwoofer
・280W 2/1 Channel Power Amplifier
・2 Channnel 8AWG Amplifier Installation Kit Inclued

WF2520 (Subwoofer) FEATURES
・ Maximum Power Handling : 1,000 Watts
・ Continuous Power Handling : 300 Watts
・ Single 4-Ohm Heavy Duty Black Aluminum Voice Coil
・ Aluminized IPP Dust Cap
・ Reinforced SPP Cone
・ Nitrile Butadiene Rubber High Excursion Surround
・ Hyper Extended Rear Vented Pole Piece
・ Linear Cotton Spider with Integrated Tinsel leads
・ Custom Shallow Stamped Steel Powder Coated Basket
・ Frequency Response : 40-1000 Hz
・ Efficiency : 83 dB/W/m
・ Impedance : 4-Ohm
・ Outside Dimension : 10-21/32 Inch
・ Mounting Depth : 2-25/32 Inch
・ Maximum Power Output : 280 Watts
・ Power @ 4-Ohm : 65 Watts × 2
・ Power @ 2-Ohm : 95 Watts × 2
・ Bridged @ 4-Ohm : 190 Watts × 1
・ Number of Channels : 2/1
・ MOS-FET Power Supply
・ 2-Ohm Stereo Stable
・ Selectable Bass Boost; 0/6/12dB @ 50Hz
・ Adjustable High/Low Pass Crossover, 30-300Hz
・ Gold Plated Connectors; RCA/ Speaker/ Power
・ Speaker Level Input : 2-Channel
・ Dimensions (W × H × D) (Inches) : 11.57 × 2.17 × 8.50
・ Suitable For Applications Up-to 1,000 Watts
・ High-Quality 2 Channel Dual-twist RCA Cable
・ 8AWG Oxygen Free Power & Ground Cable
・ Speaker / Subwoofer Cable Inclued

Gold Plated RCA and Block Terminal on XR2220 Amplifier

By utilizing gold-plated RCA and block terminals, XR2220 amplifier offer increased conductivity and low signal loss. Gold has an extremely low electrical resistance and low contact resistance, which helps to prevent voltage drops, noise, heating and other problems from occurring.

MOS-FET Power Amp (XR2220)

There’ s only one way for Clarion’ s source units to deliver unyielding power output and linearity: MOS-FET amplification, or Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor amplification. Smaller and more efficient than conventional power supplies, a MOS-FET amplification circuit delivers power with less distortion and zero On/Off switching noise. This means you can crank up the volume or set it to easy listening. Either way, your sound will be crystal clear.

High/Low Pass Crossover (XR2220)

XR2220 have built-in low pass and high pass filters. This allows for easy configuration of more complicated sound systems that encompass multiple amplifiers and subwoofers.

Ultra-Compact Sealed Enclosure (WF2520B)

The 10" 1000W subwoofer is preloaded in an ultra-compact sealed enclosure that has been specifically designed for Australia's utility vehicles. Considering its dynamic sound performance, you’ll be amazed at its slim, space-saving design.